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Other information:

Pessl Instruments GmbH, located in Weiz, Austria has been producing reliable and inexpensive measuring instruments for more than 25 years. Pessl is doing business in more than 70 countries and Pessl Instruments shares has sale representatives in Latin America, South Africa, Spain, Italy, and France.   

Pessl is a manufacturer of environment monitoring devices; their iMETOS weather station is well known worldwide. Pessl are producing electronic for agriculture (irrigation/plant protection), viticulture, horticulture, research, advisory services, environmental and hydrological projects, measuring meteorological data such as rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, global radiation, soil temperature, wind speed, wind direction, soil moisture, barometric pressure, water level.  A wide range of sensors are manufactured by Pessl Instruments and others are coming from reputable OEM suppliers. iMetos is used for frost, fire, flood and wind warning, weather forecast, water management and disaster protection.