Optifert Sensor Agritechnica

Demonstration of the OPTIFERT prototype

A demonstration event with German farmers was held at the prototype site in August 2013, where the operation of the prototype and the results obtained in the test phase were presented.

Demonstration at PETKUS

OPTIFERT in Futuris

OPTIFERT has been showcased in the euronews program FUTURIS:

Optifert at Euronews

OPTIFERT in Agritechnica 2013

The partners will attend Agritechnica 2013 and celebrate OPTIFERT's final meeting in Hannover on 12th November 2013. This will be great opportunity to present the results of the project to potential end-users from all over Europe.

If you are interested in discussing with the partners the results obtained, please feel free to contact any of the partners and arrange a meeting.

Partner's contact details