OPTIFERT aims to develop an Irrigationautomatic system for combined fertilization and irrigation system for medium and large-scale agricultural plantations. Based on real-time monitoring of key soil parameters and crops’ needs, the use of the OPTIFERT system will entail savings in water and fertilizer consumption. In addition, this tailor-made fertigation system will also entail  a reduction in the environmental risks of to the use of fertilizer, such as groundwater pollution and eutrophication of water bodies.

The OPTIFERT system will consist of a soil sensor, data processor and a control and distribution unit. These will gather the data needed, process them and enable the dosing and mixing of water and fertilizer in the adequate amounts for each growth stage of each crop.

The project, co-funded by the EU through its 7th Framework Programme, will have a duration of two years and started on December 1st, 2011.